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Our offer

Norda Logistics provides a wide range of transport services both on a national and international level (European Union countries) and in other parts of the world.

Road transport

The main service provided by Norda Logistics is Road transport. Our offer includes domestic transport, international transport on the territory of the European Union and outside the EU. We provide full truckload services as well as multimodal and express services
We provide the following services:
– comprehensive courier shipment
– detailed inspection of shipment together with contact of a client assistant
– precise customs clearance and documentation handling
– timeliness of deliveries
– advisory services provided in a specific area
– insurance
Unloading cargo truck at warehouse building
Container Ship

Sea transport

One of the services provided by Norda Logistics is sea transport. Thanks to our help goods may be delivered to the furthest corners of the world. Our employees will advise you on most attractive and competitive sea transport offer.
We Guarantee:
– highest quality of our services
– cargo handling in import, export and transit
– safety and constant shipment monitoring
– full professionalism from the beginning to the end of route

Air transport

Safety and speed is the strength of air transport. Norda Logistics provides its services all over the world. This kind of transport entirely allows us to accustom our services to the needs of clients. Due to the importance of shipment our aim is to provide our services as fast as possible
We offer:
– goods safety
– professional approach
– goods reloading
– transfer between airports
– transport of a wide range of goods
– documentation handling
airplane loading in airport at sunset
industrial port with containers

Intermodal Freight Transport

Intermodal freight transport consists in combining at least two different types of transport maintaining, at the same time, one transport unit – it may be a container, vehicle swap body, trailer. The Norda team will prepare best logistic solutions for you through concentrating different transport means.
The most important characteristics of intermodal transport are the following:
– cost reducing to minimum
– timeliness and speed in goods delivery
– much more cargo can be transported at the same time
– goods defect-related risk is reduced
– all is included in one contract for carriage
– care of environment
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