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About us

The Norda team deals with comprehensive logistic solutions concerning transport of goods all over the world. Our offer is based on a road, railway, sea and air transport. We have an individual approach to each client creating an integrated transport path. There are no barriers and obstacles for us with regard to transport services. Our involvement and expertise guarantees professional cooperation. The Norda team is characterized by exceptional passion for work and desire for perfection.

Why us?

Our team consists of persons with passion for the performance of their duties and assignments. We are active and willing to expand our expertise and services. Our experience allows us to have an uncompromised approach to our clients’ orders.

Thanks to our experience and involvement we do our best to make our clients happy about the services provided by Norda Logistics. The cooperation with lawyers, Customs Duty and insurance agents we ensure highest possible quality.

Perfectly selected team members appreciating such values as fairness and loyalty allows to provide our services in a reliable and prompt manner.

Thanks to the passion for our work we follow all innovations and look for newer and newer solutions. We keep abreast with all issues related to transport services all over the world. We keep ourselves updated on most recent information concerning transport services.

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